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Equestrian Buildings

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Horses are excellent companions and comprise many people’s livelihoods. Whatever your reasons for having horses on your property, it is crucial to ensure they are safe and healthy at all times.

While many horses are bred for outdoor life, having a shelter protects them from all types of weather, as well as insects and other animals. High-quality horse stables ensure they are comfortable.

In this article, we outline the important things to consider to create the best possible equestrian buildings. A company like Extreme Post Frame can then help bring your structure to life.

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What Are Equestrian Buildings?

Equestrian buildings are facilities that house horses, equestrian equipment, and other related tools and equipment. The structure’s main components are horse stables or pole barns.

Horse Stables

A horse stable is the most common building to keep horses. It is primarily one big structure divided into stalls for each horse.

While wild horses roam in groups, it is best for some domesticated horses to have their own space at the end of the day. This is especially important if some of the horses have specialized needs.

Pole Barns

A pole barn is usually a larger building that houses everything related to horses. It is not separated by stables. As long as there are no horses with special requirements for care, they can socialize within one pole barn. This caters to their natural instinct to move as a herd.

Typically, pole barns have a stabling area, grooming zone, and storage space. You can also integrate an office.

Essential Considerations for Equestrian Buildings

Whether you are building horse stables, pole barns, or any other type of equestrian facility, the following factors must be considered:


Custom Horse Stables | Mooresville, NC | Extreme Post Frame  - iStock-1153749559How many horses do you have? What other spaces do you need to run the facility efficiently? The answers to these questions will help determine the ideal size of your building.

You must also leave space for future expansion.


Horses need a stable home that will protect them from extreme weather conditions. They also need a comfortable space for quality living, so having a custom-engineered building to house them is essential.

Every equestrian facility is different, but they all require durable materials to erect them.


Don’t compromise the stability and integrity of your building because you don’t have the budget for it. At the same time, you want to make sure you are not overspending on your project.

A reliable contractor will provide reasonable financing options to make it easier for you to create the best building to shelter and give comfort to your horses.


Equestrian buildings are mainly homes for horses, but they also include the following features:

  • Riding arena - an area where horses are trained and ridden, whether for training or entertainment.
  • Grooming space - where horses are groomed and washed. Minimum requirements include a hose for washing and a drain.
  • Hayloft - storage space for hay and grass that horses eat. It is usually placed above the stables.
  • Feed room - this is where horse feed, which usually consists of cereal grains, is stored. Horses eat more than just grass and hay.
  • Storage room - where you can store all horse-related tools and equipment, such as horse tack and other items.

Extreme Post Frame crafts custom-engineered horse stables and pole barns for your exact needs in Western North Carolina.

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For more information on equestrian buildings or to schedule a consultation with one of our team members, call us today at (800) 986-4198. We look forward to building you the horse barn of your dreams.

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